2020 Calendars

Get your 2020 Calendar. Each calendar page is 8 ½ X 11 inches in size. When opened, the photo is displayed on the top and the monthly calendar is displayed on the bottom. Choose from two great options.

2020 Ned Pennock Photography (NPP) Calendar

This calendar contains a selections of some of my favorite photos from around the world.  It includes several of my backyard bird photos (described below); landscapes from snowy Ohio, the desert southwest, Nebraska and the Greater Caucasus Mountains in the Country of Georgia; a seascape from Hawaii; a cityscape from Amsterdam; and several images I have taken as a result of some of my fun photo projects.  I hope you like them as much as I had fun taking them.

2020 Backyard Birds (BYB) Calendar

During the winter of 2019, I began taking photographs of birds in my backyard in southwestern Ohio. Some of the most common birds that frequent our backyard are cardinals, blue jays, sparrows, grackles, robins, ruby throated hummingbirds, starlings, flickers, a variety of woodpeckers, finches, and more.

Through my eyes, I could see their beautiful colors and start to see patterns in their behavior. However, through my camera lens, I could see in detail the extraordinary patterns and textures of their feathers, the tenderness of parents caring for their young, and feel like I could see through their eyes into their personalities.

As I posted some of the photos, I received feedback that my friends and followers wanted to see more, so I kept taking them. This calendar contains some of my favorites.

Ordering Calendars

If you are interested in ordering a calendar, follow these instructions:

Click Here to view the 2020 NPP calendar photo gallery.  (Note: the large NP Photography logo will not appear on the photo download or on the calendar images.)

Click here to view the 2020 BYB calendar photo gallery. (Note: the large NP Photography logo will not appear on the photo download or on the calendar images.)

• Click the Green BUY PHOTO button

• Select the Download Photo Option and ADD TO CART

• Click the VIEW SHOPPING CART button

• Click the BEGIN CHECKOUT button

• Enter PAYMENT METHOD and Billing information



• Once I receive your order to purchase a photo download, I will mail your calendar to your payment address. If your shipping address is different than your payment address, please contact me at nedthephotodude@gmail.com and send me your shipping address.

• Cost of each photo download + calendar set is $37.99 + tax (price includes shipping and handling).

• If you are interested in any other items (e.g., prints, wall art, phone cases, etc), you can make those purchases at the same time.

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