Ned Pennock

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About Me

I am a photographer from Centerville (Dayton), OH. I am a husband, a dad and a granddad. I enjoy spending time with my family, riding my bike, traveling, trying different kinds of food…and I love photography. I love the playful experimentation photography invites and the creative outlet that it provides. It gives me the opportunity to meet and connect with people whether traveling or taking photos at an event or during a portrait session. It feeds my sense of adventure, pushing me to explore new places and ideas. It drives me to continually develop new skills and allows me to learn from both successes and failures.

I enjoy taking many types of photos – family photos and portraits, landscapes and cityscapes, nature, events and performances, still life, and more. Regardless of what I am photographing, my goal is to create compelling images that will be enjoyed for generations to come. I do this by combining good compositional elements with natural or creative lighting, paying attention to the details, and always listening to ideas and perspectives of others.

I encourage you to explore my website, to follow me on Instagram (@nedthephotodude) or Facebook (Ned Pennock Photography). Whether you are considering me for your next portrait session, looking through my fine art photos, or are visiting to view photos of a recent event that I photographed, thank you for stopping by.

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