Family Session and 90th Birthday Celebration

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In November 2021 we celebrated my mother’s 90th birthday! Having been one of the family photographer for the past 40 years, I was looking for an alternative for this special occasion!

Ned came to the rescue! He did two separate photo shoots. First at my mom’s gorgeous farm with the immediate family, the best pictures we have ever had. The next day with the extended family, including mom’s siblings and my cousins, for our first gathering since pre-COVID. Ned “herded the cats” and took some great posed and casual shots of the family. By the end of the day you would have thought he was one of the family.

Ned worked with me closely, before, during and after the event. Beforehand he gather information about where I wanted pictures, and what groupings of people. He came the day ahead and set up the locations for the group pictures. The day of the event he interacted with everyone, learning their names and getting them together for various group pictures.

After the event Ned quickly produced his "preview" set of pictures. Once I selected the pictures I wanted edited, he worked on these to remove glare from glasses, adjust the tones, touch up complexions and even "swapped” faces between photos to get the best group shots!

These pictures will be ones that we treasure forever.

Senior Session

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  • Senior Portrait of Lauren
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WOW! I am so impressed. Ned is an amazing photographer and person. He took the time to get to know Lauren and our family and did an amazing job with Lauren’s Senior photos. He also took the time to explore the venue we wanted ahead of time for lighting and the best time of day to get the shots we wanted. He was flexible, patient, professional and FUN. Thank you Ned for capturing how I remember Lauren looking when she was little and now grown up all in one photo. I highly recommend Ned Pennock Photography- Heidi Seymour

Family Session - Private

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Ned was friendly and professional throughout the entire process - from planning the site and style of our session to delivering gorgeous completed family photos. Ned did an excellent job of capturing our family at this unique stage of our lives and the photos will be treasured keepsakes for years to come. We look forward to working with Ned in the future and will happily recommend him to others! - M.L.

Family Session

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  • Beautiful Family
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Ned is clearly born with a creative eye! He takes traditional family photos to a next level and was able to capture each family member's personality perfectly. With young children, we are lucky to find one photo that we love to display and share with family, but with Ned, we have the opposite problem. There are so many to choose from! Most importantly, he is always desiring to grow as a photographer and is eager for our input on the style of photos we want to capture. Ned perfectly captured our family and will be our official family photographer for all milestones big and small!     - Alyssa Vorhees

Senior Session

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  • Senior portrait of Ben
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Loved the photos! I really enjoyed getting the pictures taken and you did a fantastic job of getting creative, keeping me comfortable, and taking awesome pictures.     - Ben P.

Private Wedding

Private Wedding

I Do

Ned did an exceptional job of photographing our son and his wife’s small, intimate wedding. He arrived at the outdoor venue very early to assess lighting conditions. The photographs exceeded our expectations with exquisite color and gorgeous, high-quality images. We received lovely samples the next day and the complete gallery of photos in less than one week. Ned was flexible throughout the entire planning process and, more importantly, as the weather changed from sunshine to thunderstorms on the wedding day. He was considerate, accommodating, responded to all inquiries quickly, and SO kind. The bride, groom, and their families received every image that we asked for and many, many more. Our family highly recommends Ned Pennock Photography!     

- Mother of the Groom

Ned captured the happiness and laughter of our daughter and her husband’s wedding day. The photographs are absolutely stunning with a depth of color and beautiful images/expressions. Lovely photographs of family and friend groupings, hugs, and wedding details covered every aspect of the day. We couldn’t believe that Ned had images for the families to view the next day! Ned was a dream to work with and we could not have asked for better results. Thank you! We hope that Ned will photograph many more of our happy family celebrations!     - Mother of the Bride

Sisters Session

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If you want a highly-qualified, energetic, and creative photographer for your family portraits, Ned is the man! Not only did he bring a load of professional gear and tons of expertise, he amazingly took the time to get to know our girls first! He put in considerable effort to learn their personalities, their interests, if they have pets, asked for ideas on shoot locations and poses/outfits. He genuinely listened to their suggestions and included them in all of the decisions for each shot. If you’ve ever checked out his photography, he does amazing things with motion and light so we knew this was going to be a very unique and fun photo shoot!

Ned brought a wireless speaker to listen to, of course, Forte A Cappella! He had the girls instantly smiling and singing and he captured some fantastic photos of the girls just hanging out in our home and doing what they do best…laughing, smiling, chatting…being besties. He delved into some really creative set-ups using colored fabric that matched their eye color…which was a personal favorite of mine…truly capturing natural beauty with the use of color. He did another awesome shoot in one of our cars…making it appear like they were driving down the highway with their hair blowing in the breeze (all done on a rainy, overcast, gloomy day). He also did some cool effects with glitter which were insanely unique!

Thank you Ned, for the amazing pictures of our girls. I’m so glad we’ve gotten to know you through all your amazing pictures of Forte A Cappella. Definitely looking forward to more photo shoots with even more cool creations!     - The Gebhardt Family

Pet Session

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Ned Pennock Photography is magical. He took pictures of my dog that was soon to pass away. The photos took my breath. I honestly felt that my dog was sitting right next to me. The clarity, color.... just the pulse in these pictures demonstrated that Ned Pennock isn't just a photographer of faces and things, but feelings and emotions. Even the pictures he took of me were the best I've ever seen and he didn't use filters. He captures moments.     - Deena B

Family Session

  • Portrait of Alexa
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I flipping LOVE EVERY PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alexa and I went through them together and we couldn’t get over how many great pictures there are, how perfectly you captured their personalities, and their sister moments. AND THE LIGHTING!!!! I honestly don’t know what setting I like best. I also love that you caught on camera all the typical expressions that I see on their faces! Alexa and I were cracking up at some of them. These pictures are truly treasures.

Thank you sooooo much.

- Tonya and Family

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